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AbelCam Download Changes Development from 2.2.5 to 3.0.0 - Details

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Versions 2.3.0 through 3.0.0 were released to AbelCam Members who helped a lot in developing the new features and chasing bugs.

Many thanks to all involved!

New User Interface

  • menu driven main window
  • tree selectable controls for camera configuration
  • expert setting - hides less important controls from novice users
  • all forms are sizeable
  • main window position and selected view are stored and used on startup
  • Preview Window configurable
  • Camera number selectable when adding camera

New Capture Interfaces

  • TyCapture
    optimized for CPU usage
    streams WMV with no image quality degradation for jpeg images
  • VisioForge
    Video Effects
    Support TV tuners
  • VideoCapX
    has been used up to version 2.2.5
    still available


  • full translation to German
  • partial translation to Finnish, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovenian
  • multi language Installer with Update Agent

Web Content

  • SilverLight Applet to view a single camera or all cameras active
  • Improved Java Applet for smooth video
  • JavaScript pages support scroll wheel for zooming
  • Caption supports unicode file as source for caption text,
    caption font can be bold or italic
  • Overlay Image position can be entered numeric
  • PTZ devices optionally move to predefined position if not active
  • Offline image per camera


AbelCam now supports Web Plugins - an interface to provide additional functionality through the builtin web server

Authors may request the Plugin Sample Code and write their own Plugins.

Plugins available:

  • K8055 Plugin
    This plugin extends the functionality of AbelCam by providing control and monitoring of up to 4 K8055 I/O cards. Being integrated in AbelCam's embedded Web Server, it's easy to create Web pages that contain a mixture of live webcam streams, K8055 output controls and live K8055 input data.
  • X10 Plugin
    This plugin provides simple Web control of X10 home automation / remote control devices. It works with several versions of X10's computer interface devices. Any interface model that supports the protocols used by the CM11a should work, as long as the interface either connects to a "real" serial port or uses a USB connection that emulates a serial (COM) port. Actual testing has been done with a CM11a (USA), a CM12 (Switzerland) and a CM12U (UK)


  • AbelCam Network Camera Agent has been updated to support WMV streaming with local cameras
  • JPEG2Video has a command line interface for automated generation of videos