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AbelCam is a nifty application that allows you to remotely control the pan and tilt of your motorized USB cameras from Logitech and Creative on any web browsers.  more>>


New and improved features in AbelCam 4.0


using the scheduler you can program AbelCam to execute tasks at regular intervals.

Task types available:

  • AddCamera

    add a camera from a configurable folder. If I am an AbelCam Expert is set, configurations can be saved to a user selectable folder.
    Using different folders for the same capture device, different configurations can be used, eg. with different captions, frame rates, with or without video server, motion detection, ftp upload/local save and so on.
    If a camera is loaded for that camera number, it will be removed first.

  • RemoveCamera

    removes a camera from AbelCam, the camera number will be freed

  • GetListed

    sets the listed checkbox to be checked -> the cameras will show in the camera list on this website

  • UnList

    sets the listed checkbox to be unchecked -> the cameras won't show in the camera list on this website

  • ExecuteCommand

    execute any command. This can be used for various purposes, eg to create time lapse videos with JPEG2VideoC while batch files work best, programs with a GUI can also be started.

  • StopAbelCam

    Close down AbelCam

The tasks execution time can be set exactly (YY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss). Repeat time can either be zero (one time tasks) or to any interval. The minimum interval is 1 minute.

If AbelCam on startup detects tasks with execution time in the past, the will be moved into the future if repeat time is > zero. Otherwise they will be dropped.

Make sure you don't configure the scheduler to execute two tasks at the same time.

Save Camera configuration to / Load camera from user defined folder

if you set I am a AbelCam Expert in the configuration, you may store the camera configuration into a folder of your choice.

Using user defined camera folders, you can have any number of configurations for one camera. Use this flexibility to have night/day settings for your camera, configurations with or without video server, motion detection, ftp upload and so on

AbelCam viewer for Windows Mobile

The installer can optionally install a AbelCam viewer for windows mobile.
If selected when installing, the installer for the windows mobile device will be available in AbelCams Tools menu as AbelCamWMClient folder

See Details

Video Save

all capture interfaces now support Video Save

Motion Detection

Motion detection is available for Local Save, FTP Upload and Video Save

Motion Detection sensitivity can now be adjusted. Optionally define motion detection areas.

Video Server

Using the TyCapture capture interface, the video server now supports WMV9

Driver Settings

The TyCapture interface now supports and stores driver options:

  • Source ( Brightness, Contrast, Gamma... )
  • Crossbar ( select input on capture devices with multiple inputs )
  • TV Tuner ( Channel, Videostandard, Tunermode, Region... )

once you open one of the Driver Options and confirm your changes, TyCapture will remember these settings and activate them every time the capture device is started

These settings are stored in TyCapture.xml in the cameras configuration folder.

TyCapture also supports deinterlacing for capture devices with a crossbar.

Capture Now

The Capture now feature stores the current image on disk and opens an explorer. This feature can be accessed through the main windows camera view, a S button on the right top.

Proxy Setting

The "User and License" form now contains proxy settings for outgoing http connections. These settings will be used for connections to the abelcam server.


AbelCam supports binary output from the php interpreter. This has to be enabled in Options. There you can also select the PHP interpreter to be used.

New Language

A new translation has been added: Polish

Web Admin

AbelCam has always offered the possibility to be controlled / configured through a browser.

The following controls have been added to the web administrator:

  • PTZ settings for VirtualPTZ and IP PTZ available
  • Video Save can be configured and started/stopped
  • TyCaptures Video Server can be configured and controlled, including WMV9
  • Motion detection for Local Save, FTP Upload and Video Save is configurable
  • Cameras can be added and removed

Versions 3.3.0 through 3.5.2 were released to AbelCam Members