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New and improved features in AbelCam 4.2

  • Use date/time substitutions for file name in

    • Local Save
    • FTP Upload
    • Video Save

  • Exclude selected cameras from web server
    the Capture Device configuration form has a new checkbox 'Do not use for web server'
    if this is checked, the camera won't be shown on the web pages generated by the builtin web server.
    The camera will still be configurable through the web administration pages.
    Use this, if you have cameras to monitor private areas

  • Organize Local Save and FTP Upload by Date/Time
    The date/time substitutions are now supported for the path used in Local Save and/or FTP Upload.
    Example:c:\AbelCam\Cam0\#yyyy\#MM\#dd will create the folder structure when running 2011-01-29 until 2011-02-04
    Folders are created when a image is to be stored by Local Save or FTP Upload.
    When you use those substitutions, whe housekeeping features are not available.


  • Execute Command on Local Save
      If you want to execute commands when motion has been detected there's now a simple solution.
    The command to be executed can be a batch file or any executable. Remember: it should be terminated before the next save, or you're going to run out of resources.
  • numerous changes for IP PTZ Cameras
  • Housekeeping for local save
    The following limits can be set for local save:
    • max age
    • max size
    • max file count


  • Presets for PTZ
  • Optional slow image update for GUI to save CPU cycles
  • Partial translation to russian, updated italian translation
  • Updated AbelService
    AbelCam can run as Service on OSs Windows Vista and up
    The required shortcuts to install, start, stop and uninstall the service can be found in the Tools submenu
    The service executable for Vista and up is named AbelSvc.exe while for XP it is AbelService.exe.

    Beware I When upgrading to the next version, make sure the service is not running.

Bugs fixed

  • Speech synthesis will be disabled if no voices are available on the system
  • FTP upload on motion detection did not always upload the latest image

Other changes

  • Text Link to the online help and tutorials for newbies
  • Freshly added cameras will be initialized to use the widest format < 1000 pixels instead of fixed 320x240 as before

  • updated GeoIP database
  • updated all translations

Note: Windows 2000 is not supported anymore

Versions 4.1.1 through 4.1.7 were released to AbelCam Members