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New features in AbelCam 4.4.3

Many of the technologies used for the AbelCam web pages installed with the software have changed lot

  • Javascript has become more powerful
  • Java is almost dead - only 20% of the visitors on have it installed
  • Silverlight looked promising years ago, now it's not even supported by Microsofts Edge browser

That's why AbelCam 4.4.3 comes with an additional set of web pages.
They replace the old PDA folder and can be found in the Responsive folder.

C:\Program Files\AbelCam\wwwroot\Responsive

These new pages are default for new installations.

If you're upgrading, you will have to change the Data Dir manually, if you want to.

Features available depend on the browser used to view the pages. We tried to provide as many features as possible while keeping the code slim and fast, using well established technologies with jQuery and Bootstrap.

  • All browsers
    • Image resized to match browser window
    • Pan/Tilt/Zoom control with sliders, Presets available
  • Most browsers
    • Video display as Motion JPEG
    • Replay of stored images (Local Save)
    • Windows Media Streams as link for external Player (eg. Windows Media Player)
  • Microsoft Browsers
    • Windows Media Stream on page, start with button
    • no Motion JPEG available, display with single JPEGs
    • no Replay
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Link to Silverlight Page

To change the defaults of these pages or to add/remove, start with the file include\

Removed features

The Picasa Plugin and the Dropbox Plugin have been removed. The authentication of those services has changed and the plugin has become obsolete.

If you want us to upgrade those plugins and continue to use them, please let us know.

Refreshed: AbelFTP Plugin

This plugin was expired. To make sure you have a way to get images out of your site/home without having to change anything on your network infrastructure, this plugin is back in all it's glory. You may use this plugin to upload images in regular intervals to make it available on a public web server of your choice.

Plugin Tutorial | Sample Code (requires login)