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2019-04-10 4.4.3

  • Maintenance release with no bug fixes

2018-04-14 4.4.3

  • Maintenance release with no bug fixes

2017-03-18 4.4.3

  • Responsive web pages


2016-03-18 4.4.2

  • Maintenance release with no bug fixes

2015-04-10 4.4.2

  • Maintenance release with no bug fixes
  • Will install on XP. Let us know why you still use XP

2014-06-24 4.4.0

  • Maintenance release with minor bug fixes
  • Won't install on XP. Contact us if you need AbelCam to run on Windows XP.

2013-07-02 4.3.1

  • Changed to .NET 4.0 runtime
  • dropped support for VisioCapX interface
  • updated VisioForge interface to the latest version

2012-08-10 4.2.8

  • Dropbox Plugin - upload images to Dropbox
  • free license runs 24/7 if cam is listed on

2012-03-21 4.2.7

  • PTZ control from the AbelCam camera list
  • chat supports speech synthesizer

2012-02-17 4.2.6

  • Bugfix for Local Save and FTP Upload when no caption and no motion detection is active

2012-02-03 4.2.6

  • User Authentication for multiple users
  • maintenance fixes

2011-12-19 4.2.5

  • Support for dynamic DNS services
  • IP PTZ cameras with PTZ read
    move to saved position after xx minutes now also considers moves on the cameras end, not through AbelCam,
    when moving to the saved position IP PTZ wont zoom or move when getpos returned the desired position
  • Debug Logger counts repeated lines correctly
  • Country Lookup won't show countries blocked by IP Filter
  • Failing USB devices may be deactivated instead of being removed

    (Configuration/Options/Don't remove failed USB devices)

  • SelfCheck won't run while USB attach/detach events are being processed
  • SelfCheck won't check unplugged USB devices
  • Support for Volume Licenses

2011-09-27 4.2.4

  • New Capture interface: Slide Show - use a folder with images ( JPEG, GIF, PNG ) as a image source
  • Motion detection areas can be deleted individually
  • IP Cameras using a JPEG URL will request a fresh frame less often when
    • motion detection is not enabled
    • nobody is watching the camera

2011-08-26 4.2.3

  • Video Save housekeeping
    • Age Limit - delete old videos
    • Count Limit - delete if number of videos exceeds limit
    • Size Limit - delete if total size of all videos exceeds limit
  • Video Save Restart: Stop recording and create a new video file after X minutes
  • minor changes for Java Applets and IP Camera initialization

2011-05-03 4.2.2

  • webserver has a text to speech URL
  • new PT Only interface
  • Trial Period for new users

2011-03-21 4.2.0

  • Multiple Captions / Image overlays per camera
  • Execute command on local save
  • Date/Time substitutions for file names, paths and captions


2011-01-05 4.1.1

  • GeoIP and translation update
  • fix for retrieval of User ID and License ID

2010-12-21 4.1.0

  • Speech Synthesis for events
  • Updated runtime environment to VS2010, .NET 3.5


2010-09-02 4.0.0

  • Video Save for all capture interfaces
  • unlimited number of configurations for one camera
  • Deinterlacer and Driver Setting support for TyCapture
  • Scheduler


2010-02-22 3.2.3

  • support for encrypted FTP connections
    • AuthTLS
    • AuthSSL
    • SSL
    • SFTP
  • support for sending email encrypted
    • StartTLS
    • SSL
  • configurable housekeeping on FTP upload folder
    • remove old images
    • limit number of images
    • limit total size for uploaded images
    • includes Plugin for free FTP Upload
    • includes AbelSupport, a tool to configure startup and debug settings outside of AbelCam and to send a support request

2009-12-04 3.2.2

  • Motion Detection Area, timeable reference image
  • New language: Luxembourgish, german flavour
  • IP Filter to block unwanted visitors

2009-09-14 3.2.0

  • support for IP PTZ cameras with templates for Axis, Panasonic and LevelOne PTZ cameras
  • Camera list shows more information
  • Add Camera shows more information
  • Camera description (plain text and HTML) for each camera
  • Virtual PTZ for all capture devices / cameras
  • Server Side Image Map, image with PT position
  • handles USB device attach / detach events
  • handles suspend / resume

2009-04-08 3.1.0

  • New Capture Interface for IP Cameras supports JPEG and Motion JPEG
  • Translations to two more languages: Română and Svenska
  • SetCulture addon program to select any of the available languages
  • more accurate positioning for SilverLight applets, supports keyboard moves
  • Orbit Zoom enhanced
  • Motion detection for low contrast images
  • Offline Image for FTP Upload

2009-02-17 3.0.0

  • New User Interface
  • Multi Language
  • Multiple Capture Interfaces
  • Plugin support


2008-09-20 2.2.5

  • supports 64bit OSs
  • minor fixes
  • Updated GeoIP database

2008-06-02 2.2.4

Maintenance Releases

  • Updated GeoIP database
  • fixes reported runtime errors

2008-01-29 2.2.3

  • Client access statistics online
  • Updated PDA pages
  • optimized Image Overlay

2007-11-17 2.2.2

  • Supports new PTZ cameras:
    • Logitech Orbit AF
    • In-Sight Motion Webcam
  • Image Overlay with selectable position and transparency

2007-08-30 2.2.1

  • all three Programs (AbelCam, JPEG2Video and Network Camera Agent) have been optimized to use less memory using a post compilation tool.
  • Caption background color and transparency

2007-08-11 2.2.0

  • PTZ Support for the Typhoon PTZ Motion Cam
    full Tilt / Pan / Zoom control for the Typhoon PTZ camera
  • AbelCam Network Camera Agent
    This version introduces the AbelCam Agent.
    The AbelCam Network Camera Agent can be used as a plugin for AbelCam or as a standalone server.
    • use local or remote cameras
    • provides webserver, jpeg and motion jpeg
    • image scaling,

Several versions in between have not been released to the public

2007-05-28 2.1.1

  • runs on Windows Vista, XP, Windows 2000
  • Rotate / Mirror
    Rotate and/or mirror captured images to fit unusual camera installations
  • Configurable SelfCheck
    • SelfCheck Interval
    • optional Restart of failed Devices
    • optional notification by email
  • New parameters for
    • borders
      Parameters bordercolor and borderwidth
    • sizing
      Parameters height and width
  • Support for PHP 5.2.2
  • improved web template

2007-02-26 2.1.0

  • AJAX

    Using javascript libraries, the whole appearance has been improved. Tight integration with SSIs should provide good looking pages with any configuration.

  • Proxy Feature

    now uses the original headers and passes them on

  • Run as Service

    AbelCam can be configured to run as service, independant of the logged in user.

  • Web Server

    now returns code 304, pages known to the browser won't be reloaded.

  • includes JPEG2Video

    this program converts single JPEG files to video

    requires a Pro License to run

2007-01-18 2.0.8

  • Caption text can be read from text file
  • PTZOnly device for those who want to use PTZ only...
  • SelfCheck tests capture devices and web server, restarts them if needed
  • improved Web Templates
  • External Command feature streamlined, now all external commands receive variables in the environment

There are lots of other small changes and improvements, such as faster reaction when changing cam in the main window, updated GeoIP database, further improvements on TV tuner handling, auto popup for chat and so on.

2006-12-15 2.0.7

  • PDA support
  • Push Broadcast for Video Server
    Now you can broadcast to a Windows Media Server Publishing Point
  • Email Authentication
    enter User Name and Password if your email server requires authentication
  • Auto Trigger
    if you keep Motion Detection on all the time, changing light conditions make it difficult to set the Motion Trigger to a good value
    LogiSphere now can calculate this value based on the average motion level. This will adapt to chaging light conditions and avoid false alarms.
  • Improved support for TV tuners and capture devices with multiple video inputs

2006-10-17 2.0.4

(Detailed Changes from 1.6.1 to 2.0.4)

2006-10-13 1.6.1

Now supports latest Logitech Orbit model

Updated GeoIP database

2006-05-15 1.6

Improved Tilt/Pan/Zoom support

up to 10x speed up for the Logitech Sphere

Tilt Pan Zoom with the Creative Live! Motion

Windows Media Server

selectable version for stream

2006-04-14 1.5

TV tuner support

Video recording for Real Time and Single Frame video

supports custom mime types and error messages

support for conditional server side includes

2006-03-15 1.4

Zoom support for any windows video device

improved motion jpeg streaming

Windows Media Server may start up on demand

2005-12-16 1.2

Frame Rate display

housekeeping and minor upgrades in

  • video stream applet
  • Video Server
  • cam settings

2005-11-11 0.9.9j

Documentation, Help file

2005-10-12 0.9.9

server side includes

pictures and streams sizable

2005-09-01 0.9.6

stealth mode - hide application completely

web screen capture

select audio device and channel for Windows Media Streaming

2005-08-02 0.9.4


Added chat feature with local and remote chat interface

2005-07-28 0.9.0

improved motion detection

Motion detection can be disabled during camera moves.

This avoids blurry pictures and false alarms.

See viewer origin

LogiSphere shows you where your viewers come from.

Absolute Position

Sphere / Orbit cameras can now be positioned with absolute coordinates.

This lets you predefine interesting viewpoints

A new applet allows the user to see where the camera is pointing.

2005-06-25 0.8.1


the Sphere can now be "homed" from the javascript page

2005-06-22 0.8.0


show your own text, select position, font, tranparent, shadow optional time and / or date

Replay motion detection

detected motion or regular snapshots can be replayed as motion jpeg stream

looks like a time lapse video

Access log

apache compatible logging of web access - use any analysis tool to create access statistics

2005-06-07 0.7.4

Send picture by email

Send a picture by email on a fixed interval or on motion

To make the motion detection more useful, a startup delay has been introduced. Now your leaving the office won't counted as motion detection...

Windows Media

LogiSphere now streams audio and video in the Windows Media format.

Choose bandwidth according to your needs up to 2Mbps

Motion JPEG

transmit video stream with just one http call

Some browsers can display Motion JPEG out of the box, others need a applet to support it.

Applet for Motion JPEG with tilt/pan control

a new applet supports the Motion JPEG video. It comes with a startup and stop picture. You can simply replace those pictures to have your own startup screen

2005-05-27 0.7.0

Local Save

in addition to the FTP upload there is now a local save option.

Motion Detection

Motion detection works both for FTP upload and Local Save

The image with the most motion within the specified interval will be stored.

If there was no motion, no image will be stored and LogiSphere waits for motion

New Java Applet

new applet allows point and shoot control to tilt / pan the camera

it works out of the box without any configuration

2005-05-18 0.6.3

FTP Upload

time based upload to any ftp server - seven connection properties and a test button

Please leave feedback on this version in the Forum

2005-04-29 0.6.2

server start also starts camera and sphere device (if available) - together with the autostart checkbox this allows starting and getting connected with just one click

Message Box informs new users what information is sent to

Validation of option entries

Improved error handling on connecting to the internet

Option Listed by default unchecked. New users have an easier start if the software can live without a bidirectional internet connection

thank you, Si Ballenger on for your feedback

2005-04-28 0.6.1

Moves are now queued, web request wont wait for completion

Fixed error on closing server / shutdown application

Requests are shown with time

Display of illegal requests makes it easier for you to write your own html pages

Java example with Applet

2005-04-22 0.6.0

Complete rewrite of the web engine for increased reliability and faster page loads

2005-04-20 0.5.10

Autohost helps you to figure out your external IP number

improved autostart handling

2005-04-18 0.5.9

improved error handling for licence

added host entry field to options, default settings

use default browser for test buttons

logisphere server analyzes the connection and suggests a solution for connection problems.

2005-04-16 0.5.8

change motion links to avoid browser problems

enter email and name to receive update information and licence

2005-04-15 0.5.7

Removed empty sample files

ignore path for live picture

deliver no picture picture if there is no camera connected - now you can test without any camera ;-)

collect info about camera device and frames per second

2005-04-14 0.5.6

Autostart button for the Sphere device

scans all devices and selects the most likely one, starts the sphere service. Remember to save your options once you found the correct Sphere device

2005-04-11 - 2005-04-13

several releases, mainly bug fixes, minor improvements

Implementation of the LogiSphere Server

2005-04-11 First Release

Basic Program released to the public for testing