All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

AbelCam Support Tool

AbelCam 3.3.0 and up have a support tool in the Tools submenu of the AbelCam program menu.

Use this program to

  • change AbelCam settings outside of AbelCam to recover from startup problems
  • see debug settings for all cameras on one screen
  • collect and send information for a support request

AbelCam Support Tool Main Screen

The top checkboxes are parameters for the operation of AbelCam.

The Clear Cameras button removes cameras from the active camera list - next time you start AbelCam, no camera will be loaded.

In the camera list you can see and set debug settings for all cameras.

How to send a Support Request

  • Check Global Debug
  • Check the Web Server Debug checkbox if you have a problem with the webserver
  • Check the cameras debug checkbox if you have a problem with a camera
  • Click Save
  • Exit the support tool
  • run AbelCam, provoke the problem situation
  • Exit AbelCam, start the support tool
  • Click Create Zip
  • Click Request Support
    AbelCam Support Tool Request Support
  • Subject: enter a description of the problem situation
  • Text Area: write how you can reproduce the problem. You need to write a few lines of text to enable the Send button.
  • Click Send to send the Support Request

If you want to enclose images, store them in the AbelCam configuration folder before creating the zip file. Refer to the images in the text box so we know what you are showing us in those images.