All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

How to enable password protection

AbelCam can be password protected.

In the main menu, select Configuration / Passwords

The master switch for password protection is the checkbox Protected. If this is checked, the passwords are active.

If you have your AbelCam server listed on the public camera list you may not password protect your server.

You can configure passwords for the various sections / functions of the web server:

  • Main
    Normal web pages
  • Camera
    Camera access
  • Tilt/Pan
    All Tilt / Pan functions
  • Screen
    Access to the computers screen
  • Replay
    Replay locally stored images

Web Admin Interface

  • Administrator Password
    Password for the Web Admin Interface

The interface is not available if there is no password set.

With passwords active, the browser will ask you for user name and password. The user name does not have to be entered or can be set to anything, AbelCam only checks the password enterd.