All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

The mobotix cameras do not have a mechanical PTZ unit, but they provide Virtual PTZ through a web interface.

You can retrieve the parameters through this link:


The AbelCam Mobotix template has been configured using a Mobotix M22M

Camera Type

PTZ set only, values are absolute


not required

Control Configuration


Pan Min -1000 Max 2560

Tilt Min -1000 Max 2048

Zoom Min 1100 Max 4000
Using Minimum Value 1000 disables PT functions, Max value > 4000 results in terribly blocky images


The camera does not offer PTZ setting in one URL, but AbelCam supports to send two URLs? at once. The URLs? have to be seperated by ;time_in_miliseconds;

URL for home position


URL to set PTZ values


The camera expects integer values.