All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

  1. non-blank lines are run together to form a paragraph; paragraphs are separated by blank lines
  2. a one-line "paragraph" followed by a more-indented paragraph makes a heading. Tip: you need only indent the first line.
  3. a paragraph beginning with - or a number followed by a space makes a bullet or numbered list item; a more-indented list item starts a sub-list

  4. short text enclosed in *...* , **...** , _..._ or '...' is italic, bold, underlined or monospaced respectively
  5. WikiNames?, [Free-form name]?s enclosed in brackets, ZWiki:RemoteWikiLinks , http://bare/urls , and !Structured Text links are made into hyperlinks
  6. HTML tags may be added if necessary; on sites which permit it, DTML (server-side code) may also be used
  7. short text enclosed in single quotes is quoted, ie displayed in monospace font and protected from some of the above formatting. For reliable quoting of a body of text, indent it after a paragraph ending with a double colon :
           Like this (edit this page to see source).
    This is the surest way to prevent WikiLinks, <HTML tags> and &dtml-tags;
    and preserve
    fixed-width formatting.
  8. don't bother trying to learn all the text formatting rules and their interactions. Mimic the text around you; when it does something unexpected, tweak it until it looks right; go to the docs or ask for help when you get really stuck or curious.

Depending on the markup language, different editors are available.

This SandBox started as WYSIWYG HTML, but it may have been changed by the time you look at it...

Go ahead and add stuff here...