All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

User Authentication

AbelCam 4.2.6 and up brings configurable user authentication

in the current release, both "I am a AbelCam Expert" and "Use BETA features" in Configuration/Options have to be checked to use the user authentication.

The following properties have been added:

  • Users have
    • Login Name and Password
    • List of Realms they're allowed to access
    • expiration date (not used yet)
  • Realms have

There is one predefined user, Anonymous, which will be used when a non-authenticated request is coming in.

There are two predefined realms

  • Admin, matches /server- requests
  • Main, matches any request which has not been matched by other realms

If more than one realm matches the URL, the one with more characters in the match wins. The debug log contains information on realms/users if webdebug is enabled.

The apache style web server access log shows which user was authenticated.

Combining Realms and users it should be fairly easy to set up authentication for any thinkable scenario.