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I currently do not have a webcam yet, but the program does everything I would want it to do. It has passwords, which I like, it does streaming. I really am intrigued by this product and look forward to using it with my first webcam

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some times the software does not behave as expected.

Having limited resources, testing on the developers end is limited.

Some times the solution for a problem is simple.

AbelCam 3.3.0 and up contain a support tool which simplifies the steps below.
See Support Tool Support Tool Icon

For versions below 3.3.0 read on:

Documentation helps to find problems.
Help to produce documentation:

In the Options configuration form check Debug Info (if the checkbox is not visible, check I am a AbelCam Expert )

The debug log will be written in AbelCams configuration folder

Note: If you're using version 2.3.4 or higher, you need to check the debug flag for each individual capture device to generate full debug information

Reproduce the problem, stop the program.

Zip your entire Configuration folder ( right click the folder, select Sent To, zip compressed folder )

Now it's time to send the information about the problem and the environment to the author:

write email to

Subject: <Your problem description>

describe in a few words what you do to produce the problem you're reporting

attach the zipfile