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AbelCam connects to any windows supported capture device as well as network cameras.

Up to 10 cameras can run concurrently.

While most other webcam servers restrict the picture format, AbelCam works with any resolution.

Video size and frame rate can be computed on demand.

The tilt pan feature works with

You can control all features of your camera while you're serving pictures.

In the capture device configuration form you see a preview as well as the latest picture delivered.

Set a fixed caption text and / or time, date and choose caption font, size.

The caption text can also be read from a text file which allows for variable caption text.

The caption may be transparent and have a shadow for better readability.

AbelCam also includes a Windows Media Server to stream WMV video.

Supports devices that are compatible with WDM/DirectX:

  • FireWire cameras (DCAM)
  • PCI, PC-Card grabbers
  • USB / USB 2 cameras
  • DV (digital video) devices
  • TV tuners

Devices reported to work