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AbelCam has been working great for me.
The only time I ever reboot on the webcam PC is when MS sends down an update patch.
I think a big problem with some other webcam software is memory leaks. You seem to have those plugged.

The pro version is definitely worth the 20 Euros

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AbelCam includes a simple web server. It can serve html content and any other file from your hard disk.

Server Side Includes give you the possibility to create dynamic web content.

Even without a camera this software allows you to share files over the internet without complicated settings.

Just define your local web directory, start up the server and every file in this directory and below will be available with a browser.

Server Features:

  • Web Server no expensive hosting required for a live webcam. Run the web server right from your computer.

    AbelCams webserver supports all commmon media formats, HTML as well as PHP pages

  • Web Admin Interface control AbelCam from any browser
  • Execute commands - run any script or command line input from the internet

    CGI functionality at your fingertips

  • GeoIP see where your visitors are located
  • Standard Log File
  • Chat zero configuration chat module
  • Windows Media Server
    deliver WMV content (video and audio).
    Choose the encoder profile according to your needs, choose any audio source
  • Authentication - you decide who can see what
  • scalable screen capture - computer screen capture from anywhere
  • Runs as Service - can be configured to run as Service, runs independant of logged in user