All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019
AbelCam Documentation Pan Tilt Zoom In-Sight Motion Webcam

Your initiative to provide where Logitech failed to answer their customers needs is really an addition in my opinion...
keep up the good work !!

 Pelle Abrahamsen  more>>


In-Sight Motion Webcam

AbelCam for windows supports tilt / pan from a browser through java applets or javascript.

Control the In-Sight Motion Webcam from a remote location.

In-Sight Motion Webcam

Other Names for this same hardware, also supported by AbelCam:

AbelCam supports Tilt/Pan and Zoom with these cameras.

Note: Tilt/Pan and Zoom functions are available only when the capturing is active.

Other PTZ Cameras:

USB Tilt/Pan Device: TrackerPod