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Thank you for answering my questions and for your patience.
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Starting from AbelCam 4.2.7, you may control PTZ cameras from within the GUI

Control is possible from the camera list for the selected camera and from the preview window.

To open a preview window, right click the image in the camera list

Mouse controls

  • Click on the image to pan/tilt.
    As on pages available through the web server, a click on the images left top moves the camera to the left top pan/tilt range
  • use the mouse wheel to zoom

Keyboard controls

  • use the numeric keypad to pan/tilt the camera. 1 moves left/down, 2 down and so on. 5 moves to position 0,0
  • use + to zoom in, - to zoom out, * to zoom to the minimal zoom value
  • use the home key for the home position
  • use page up/down to move up/down half the default tilt range
  • use the numbers below the function keys to move to presets