All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

Every now and then I receive valuable feedback from AbelCam users.

Jamie Christian sent me this:

I built a little web page to allow remote control of a camera 
using PTZOnly with Abelcam running as a webservice.
This page runs on a web server in my company that is visible outside 
the firewall and uses server side HTTP calls to allow me to control 
a camera inside the firewall without having to use VPN or proxy.  
I built it as a generic webpage so it would run on any platform.

It’s pretty low tech code, but it lets you adjust PTZ and save presets, also it allows you to bookmark it once you’ve got the camera address and presets set up the way you want. It persists the settings in the URL.

The application was built to use with Skype. I run Skype to connect my home office to my work office and use the application to remote control the camera in my work office. There is actually no Skype plug in or support for remote control of a camera, so Abelcam PTZOnly as a service along with that webpage is a perfect solution.

Anyway… I wanted to share it with you in appreciation for the work you’ve done on Abelcam.

download zip file to try Jamies solution