All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

TV Tuner Usage with the VideoCapX capture interface

AbelCam supports TV Tuners as video capture device.

Once a TV Tuner is detected, a Tuner button is visible in the Driver Options on the Devices screen.

If you use a TV tuner device for the first time, it will be detected only after Use Cam has been checked.
After saving the device configuration, the tuner options will be available as soon as you add the device.


How to set channels:

URL action
http://localhost:8080/channelX=1 set channel number 1
http://localhost:8080/channelX=- decrease channel number by one
http://localhost:8080/channelX=-- decrease channel number until a signal is detected
http://localhost:8080/channelX=+ increase channel number by one
http://localhost:8080/channelX=++ increase channel number until a signal is detected
http://localhost:8080/channelX=+A increase channel number by one, autotune after changing channel

 replace X with your capture devices number

 replace http://localhost:8080/ with your own host / port combination


TV channels generally map to a unique frequency depending on regional variances. To avoid interference between multiple transmitters that are assigned the same channel when they are in close geographic proximity, small frequency offsets are introduced at each transmitter. In the United States, this offset ranges up to +/– 26.25 kHz.

Autotune handles the channel-to-frequency conversion and scans for the most precise frequency. Add a A to the change channel URL to activate Autotuning.


if you don't want to use all channels, or if many of the channels don't have a signal, you can limit the channels to be used.

Create a text file named tuner.txt in the TV tuners config folder and list all the channels you want to use, one number per line.
When switching channels up or downwards, channels not listed in the file will be skipped.
When tuner.txt exists, both ++ and + (-- and -) will switch to the next channel listed.



There is a special Server Side Include ( SSI ) which will only have an effect once a TV tuner is active:
<!--#include tuner -->

It will add this code to the page, once a tv tuner has been detected:
<iframe src="" height="0" width="0" name="tuner" frameborder="0"></iframe>
TV Channel <a href="/channel=++A" target="tuner"><img src="/img/up.gif" border="0"></a>
<a href="/channel=--A" target="tuner"><img src="/img/down.gif" border="0"></a>