All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

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Applet AbelCamstreaming

provides video with relative motion control

if the video stream ends, the applet will set the hand cursor.
clicking on the applet will restart the video stream


all parameters are optional

<param name="image" value="currentX.mjpg">
  motion jpeg stream to retrieve
  default is current.mjpg, set it to motion.mjpg to retrieve stored pictures
  replace X with the camera number

<param name="width" value="640">
<param name="height" value="320">
  dimensions of the applet, stream will be scaled on the server end

<param name="fps" value="4">
  frames per second to retrieve

<param name="fps" value="4">
  frames per second to retrieve

<param name="cam" value="0">
  which camera to use

<param name="baseref" value="http://localhost:8080">
  if set, the applet will try to load the stream from that location.
  by default the applet will derive the baseref from the document location.

<param name="nosphere" value="true">
  use this parameter to disable motion control if you don't own a Logitech Orbit / Sphere

<param name="baserefcam" value="http://localhost:8080">
  set location for the motion jpeg stream, image will be appended

<param name="usercam" value="user">
<param name="pwcam" value="password">
  set user and password for the motion jpeg URL

<param name="basereftp" value="http://localhost:8080">
  set location for tilt / pan, commands will be appended as requested

<param name="usertp" value="user">
<param name="pwtp" value="password">
  set user and password for the tilt / pan URLs

Example from wwwroot\java\applets\ using Server Side Include (SSI) directives

<applet code=AbelCamstreaming.class width="<!--#outputwidth -->" height="<!--#outputheight -->" archive="" codebase="/java/applets"> 
<param name="cam" value="<!--#currentcam -->">
<!--#include start no tiltpan -->
<param name="nosphere" value="true">
<!--#include stop no tiltpan -->