All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

AbelCam has been working great for me.
The only time I ever reboot on the webcam PC is when MS sends down an update patch.
I think a big problem with some other webcam software is memory leaks. You seem to have those plugged.

The pro version is definitely worth the 20 Euros

 Harry Andrews  more>>


Applet abelabs

provides absolute motion control with position feedback

every 5 seconds the applet requests the position and displays it using a red dot.
after 3 minutes of inactivity, the red dot will dissapear and the position will not
be requested anymore.

a click on the applet restarts position querying, any click to position will keep it alive


<param name="baseref" value="http://localhost:8080">
  if set, the applet will send requests to that location.
  Java Applets can only request content from the server they were loaded from
  by default the applet will send requests to the document location.


<param name="cam" value="0">
  which camera to use


<param name="backcolor" value="255,255,255">
  RGB values for background color

<param name="linecolor" value="0,0,0">
  RGB values for lines

<param name="dotcolor" value="255,0,0">
  RGB values for position dots

<param name="fontcolor" value="0,0,0">
  RGB values for text color


if you want to use zoom only, you may choose a smaller width for the applet.