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Your initiative to provide where Logitech failed to answer their customers needs is really an addition in my opinion...
keep up the good work !!

 Pelle Abrahamsen  more>>


How to restart AbelCam automagically

  • configure AbelCam and save all your settings.
  • configure AbelCam to run as service
  • create a job in the task planner to run the following task whenever you want to restart AbelCam:
    c:\program files\AbelCam\AbelService.exe -b AbelService
You can also use this technique to have AbelCam running only during daylight hours, office hours and so on

The parameters of AbelService.exe are:

  • -i install service
  • -b bounce (restart) service
  • -k kill (stop) service
  • -r run service

See also: How to run AbelCam as Service