All AbelCam functionality has been terminated October 8th 2019

This is the Most Wonderful software I have used for many many years. Ablecam has done many things like making sure my wife is healthy and safe, videos of puppies swimming in my pool, great security software even hosting my webpage!

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Upgrade AbelCam

If you have AbelCam to run as a service, you have to stop it first and make sure it will run visible after installation

you may use the menu entry Check for AbelCam Updates to use the Update Agent or do a manual update as follows:

  • have a look for the most recent version. Beta Versions can be found in the Issues
  • Download the latest version to your harddisk
  • double click the installer (AbelCamSetup.exe)
  • Install as seen in this Tutorial

When using AbelCam as Service,

  • edit and save AbelService.ini, replace UserInterface = No with UserInterface = Yes (I want to see what's going on)
  • start AbelService