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Things are working great. I am using this system to watch over employees/dogs etc.

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-  See also: "Multi Input in Help File":/en/documentation/help/?file=multiinput.html

TV Tuner Options

Once AbelCam detects a TV tuner, two special files are supported in the Camera Configuration Folder:

  • videoinput.txt

    almost all TV tuners have multiple inputs. You may edit the file videoinput.txt to configure the behaviour of AbelCam

    The file lists all available video inputs. If you do not want to use all of them, you can comment out the inputs you don't want to use.

  • tuner.txt

    if you want to control which TV stations should be available to the viewers, create the file tuner.txt in the Camera Configuration Folder.

    List all the channels you want to be used, one number per line.

    See also: UseTVTuner